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-Wear an outfit that covers or hides any problem areas you may want to conceal.
-Choose neutral colors, jewel tones, deep tones, muted tones, or pastels.
-Wear solid color tops or tops with patterns that are not to busy. Striped patterns or striped fabric should be avoided. 
-Wear nice shoes like heels or wedges. Men should wear dress shoes or high end sneakers. Boots are always a great option too!
-Get your hair and makeup professionally done if possible. 
-Plan a date night for after your session!


-Wear outfits or fabrics that cling to trouble areas.
-Choose any loud or neon colors. These will cast unwanted tones on your skin and your partners skin.
-Wear distracting patterns or stripes!
-Put on clashing nail polish. Think about colors that will compliment your outfit choices. 
-Wear flip flops, slides, work boots, or workout shoes. 
-Forget your accessories! This is one time you want dress it up a bit.
-Stress, we have everything handled! We will make your session fun and guide you every step of the way.

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