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Planning a wedding can be intimidating. Finding vendors, seating charts, color all culminates in the day you've dreamed of your whole life. 

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The capturra Experience


I want to take some of that stress away and give you confidence that your moments will be witnessed and recorded for generations to come. 


When you choose Capturra & Co. as your photography team you can have peace of mind that we will execute your vision and work WITH you to create amazing images and give you an excellent experience. 


Our journey together begins with a consultation so we can get to know each other and make sure we are a great fit.  Everyone deserves to have someone they know, like, and trust to be by their side on the biggest day of their lives and I want you to be sure I am that person for you! My favorite consultations happen over coffee....or Mimosa's!
I love coffee/cocktail dates because it gives me a chance to hear your love story and learn about your wedding plans. Don't have time to meet in person? Totally okay! FaceTime and Zoom are always great options.
I can't wait to meet you!

1. Say Hello

Our next step together is the booking process.
Whether your wedding is in 6 months or two years, I highly recommend booking your photographer as soon as possible. 
I will walk you thorough everything step by step in a easy to browse Portal designed to make your booking process simple.

Have questions for me about the booking process? Reach out via the contact page and will be happy to help!

2. Booking

Once you are on my books, it's time to plan your engagement session!
This is always one of my favorite things because it give us a chance to work together before your wedding.
Not only will you get to experience how I work, but I will get to know you both and show you how much fun taking pictures can be!
Bonus for you: Engagement Pictures give you images for your save the dates, wedding invites, and make the cutest "get to know us" table at your wedding. 

3. The Engagement Session 

Before your wedding day, we will have another chat so that we can plan the perfect timeline for your wants and needs.
Weddings DON"T have to be stressful. Let me show you how you can get everything you've dreamed of out of your images while still having fun at your own celebration!
Have a shot list that your dying to try? I'm SO down! During our last meeting we will go over all your must have shots and plan them around your chosen venue.

4. The Wedding Plan

The day has arrived! 
I am just as excited as you! 
Weddings are absolutely magical. It's like being inside of a giant love bubble that you never want to pop! 
I want you to know that I am going to be by your side the entire day. Think of me as your wedding day BFF with a camera. I will witness every moment through my lens and record it as it happened so that when your day is over, you can look back for generations and remember exactly what it felt like to be there. 

5. Your Wedding

The Process

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Destination? Inquire

Engagements from $550

Bridals from $750

Portraits from $550

8 Hour Weddings start from $3000

Weddings are one of, if not the most important days of your life. 
You are investing in cherished memories, heirlooms, images that will grace the walls of your home for decades. 
To give each of my clients the very best experience I have designed a guide that allows you to build your own package and walks you thorough all of your wedding day options. Ready to view the guide? Click the button below to view all of your package options.

The Collection Details

Did you know when you book a 8 hour wedding with us your engagement session is complimentary? WOOHOO!!!

-Wear an outfit that covers or hides any problem areas you may want to conceal.
-Choose neutral colors, jewel tones, deep tones, muted tones, or pastels.
-Wear solid color tops or tops with patterns that are not to busy. Striped patterns or striped fabric should be avoided. 
-Wear nice shoes like heels or wedges. Men should wear dress shoes or high end sneakers. Boots are always a great option too!
-Get your hair and makeup professionally done if possible. 
-Plan a date night for after your session!


-Wear outfits or fabrics that cling to trouble areas.
-Choose any loud or neon colors. These will cast unwanted tones on your skin and your partners skin.
-Wear distracting patterns or stripes!
-Put on clashing nail polish. Think about colors that will compliment your outfit choices. 
-Wear flip flops, slides, work boots, or workout shoes. 
-Forget your accessories! This is one time you want dress it up a bit.
-Stress, we have everything handled! We will make your session fun and guide you every step of the way.

Do not

Do's and Do Not's

SEND it over

I am so excited to hear from you! I can't wait to learn all about your unique love story. 
No detail is too small! XOXO

Let's Create Beautiful Memories