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Katie & Kyle: A Playful April Wedding

Welcome to the wedding of Katie and Kyle, a playful April wedding in Scott, Louisiana. Their story is a testament to college sweethearts everywhere. Get ready to be swept off your feet, because they are super lovable. 

Adventures in Love:

Katie and Kyle are adventurist at heart. Whether they’re traveling to secret destinations, dining out, or binge-watching the latest hit series while snuggled up with their adorable pooches, their journey is a rollercoaster ride of love and shared experiences. Did I mention that they are also amazing hunters?…….of Pokemon! I can confirm without doubt no Pokemon were found at this beautiful April wedding :).

A First Date to Remember:

Their love story began at a local festival. The lights and rides set the stage for romance and sparks did their sparking thing. Love was happening even if they didn’t know it yet. From that moment on, they knew they had found their person and they never looked back.

A Grand Dance of Love:

The best part of Katie and Kyle’s wedding for me, was definitely  when Katie took to the dance floor with her beloved grandparents. The love and sheer joy they shared were contagious, leaving everyone teary-eyed and smiling the goofy “awe look that” smiles. This moment encapsulated the essence of family, tradition, and the power of love, reaffirming that family bonds are truly priceless.

I have to give a special shout out to the moms too! Michelle, Katie’s mom, is an absolute gem. Our conversations before the wedding were heartwarming, and finally meeting her in person felt like reuniting with an old friend. Kyle’s mom, Ann, is just as sweet as he is and while I wasn’t able to get to know her as well, it was so easy to see where Kyle gets his best traits. 

A Passion for Weddings:

As a wedding photographer, I am utterly thrilled to capture and preserve love stories like Katie and Kyle’s. Every couple brings their unique charm to their special day, and it’s an absolute privilege to be a part of such a monumental moment in their lives. Weddings are celebrations of love, unity, and hope, and I am genuinely passionate about preserving these cherished memories for a lifetime.

Book Now for 2024:

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Venue: Sunny Meade Wedding and Reception Center

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